Sunday, June 03, 2007

I know she doesn’t make it easy

After a few days off it's time for Frida a.k.a Anni-Frid. Still my favourite up to date, but frequenters of this site will know this by now.

Why Frida, you may ask?

Because she seems to be an interesting, lively, intelligent woman. The story of her life is like the plot of a blockbuster movie. She has the most incredible lovely smile. She looked fab in white satin shorts. She changed her hairdo as often as I change my socks. But above all: her voice is like chocolate wrapped in velvet, like a soft blanket that comforts you and keeps you warm

and now for the funny remarks ;-)

Who would think this was 1973 and only one year later she would be running around the stage wearing a bikini top and a miniskirt? Not me.


Cay Bond and Anni-Frid were out in the grey weather at Hagapark, they were enthousiastic "boule" audience.
(geez, this translation couldn't be more rusty!. By the way Cay Bond is still a well known Swedish stylist and trend watcher. Just some free and interesting information brought to you by the ABBA Scrapbook)

How's my hair?.

Oooh, looking good as a business woman!


Erm... sorry, no inspiration.