Thursday, June 21, 2007

Just a feeling that you're watchin' me

In the 70s/80s Bosse Parnevik was a famous Swedish comedian who was especially known for his imitations. His speciality was Charlie Norman, musician and old collegue of Frida.
Now add these two things and you have a great act!
Here's Bosse Parnevik fooling Anni-Frid by pretending he is Charlie Norman!

I did an attempt to translate the show. I think it worked out fine although there's one little part by Bosse I don't have clue what he is talking about. If there are any Swedes ( or Swedish speaking people) out there who want to rectefy anything: feel free to comment or mail me (


*** note how diplomatic Frida is :-)

F. Frida..
B. Hallo
F. Hallo
B. Hi, Frida it's Charlie, how are you?
F. I'm fine! Where are you calling from you sound so far away?
B. Yeah, something's wrong with the telephone here...
F. I see
B. I was thinking bout my 40 year anniversary as an artist and I was thinking of celebrating it with some people..
F. Jaha
B. So I thought of a little party next week
F. Oh, that sounds fun!
B. if you can come...all four of you...
F. Sure, if that is possible, we would love to.
B. There are going to be round 40 - 50 guests.
F . That much! At your house?
B. It's not that big, but if you have room enough in your heart than is room enough in your house as they say.
F. Exactly! What day and how late?
B. On Saturday.
F. Ah yes, that's no problem of course. Nice!
B. Do you think Benny can play some piano for us?
F. Oh yes he will do that for you...if we can have a drink sometime together also!
B. That's fine of course.
F. It's so nice of you to call us, that you thought of us. That makes me so happy!
B. Yes, I wanted to ask all my old collegues.
F. Cool... do you think they will all be there, did you talk to them?
B. Yeah, I talked to some...Alice will come, Sven will come, it will be very crowded. So I was thinking of enviting...erm..what's his name...Leonard Ek, so he can film something for television. But you will have nothing against that I guess.
F. No I haven't. He is a very good friend of ours.
B. ?????? (<-- haven't got a clue what he is saying there. B.) F. Jaja... so how are things going for you? You had a succesfull season this year?
B. Yes it's the last show tonight, so it's good to take it easy after that.
F. I understand, so you will have some time for yourself
B. Yes, we will be at ...erm.. what's it called...erm Party at Parnevik, if you know that show.
F. Yes, I do. We are invited there sometime also.
B. I'm not sure if ... erm it's really that much fun, there's a lot un clear..
F. Isn't it Leonard who handles it?
B. They are not really clear about it. It can be in one week or two weeks. Before you know you have to wait four weeks.
F. Yeah, that's not very nice isn't it.
B. Anyway, we wil see how it goes.....Do you think you can sing something, the four of you?
F. Ooh....You want us to sing....!
B. Yes something from the old days, from the thirties, something all musicians know.
F. But what do you mean, do you want us to sing a capella or is there music?
B. No there's a combo. Lenny is there, Gordon, they do the music.
F. Jaha..
B. So you can come a bit earlier to rehearse..
F. Yes...erm.. If we can come all four. I can't decide for Björn and Agnetha.
B. Yeah sure. But can you come early in the afternoon so the four of you can rehearse, you know a song or something?
F. Jaha... but I can't answer for all four of us, I don't know what they think of it.
B. Don't you think Björn and Benny can play some dance music... if I promise to play at ABBA's 40 year anniversary party!
F. Haha that's a good one! You know what, I'm gonna talk to Benny about it and we will call you back later.
B. Sure... you think you can have dinner with the other guests or do you want to stay in the kitchen, you know after the show?
F. ....what do you mean?
B. You can get some coffee there. You know if you don't want to show yourselves to the other guests.
F. Yes, but how big is this going to be? Is this an ABBA show? What do you mean? Are we there as guests or is it work?
B. Well... you come as guests, it's kind of a spontanious gig!
F. Aah...well, as I said, I'm going to talk with the others about it and then Benny or I will call you back.
F. So long!


F. Frida....
B. It's Bosse Parnevik.
F. Oh hello!
B. Well... you know I have something to do with Charlie Norman?
F. Erm...yes...I just talked to Charly, I did't know you were there as well..
B. Yeah...
F. What do you mean?
B. Well I do Charly Norman imitations sometimes....and that is what I just did.
F. NEJ! I'm going crazy!
B. ....
F. Oh you really got me there!
B. I understand!
F. Was it really you?
B. Yes.
F. No! ...I was thinking of calling back so we could talk some more...hahaha this is fantastic!

Charlie? Hi, this is Benny...