Sunday, August 26, 2007

You acted as you didn’t know what it was all about





(I'm sorry, I was too lazy to check dates)

When: somewhere during the 1977 tour.
Where: Europe I guess
What: a concert of course, you silly!
Why: performing is one of those typical pop group things.

When: fall 1980
Where: Stockholm
What: shooting the Super Trouper and Happy New Year video, photo shoot for the Super Trouper album
Why: An album cover looks so empty without a them.

When: 1976
Where: Warsaw, Poland
What: autographs!
Why: it saves a lot of stamps, handing out autographs in the street


When: November 1982
Where: Germany
What: Frida is actually enjoying the applause during ABBA's last performance
Why: applause is such an ego boost


Where: Stockholm
What: Frida and Benny attending a Björn Skiffs concert
Why: they were forced to ;-)