Saturday, April 26, 2008

Won’t you have a drink with me

So how about Benny?
Benny: Why he laughs at the Russians.

Benny is a master in the art of living, a baroque bon-vivant, sympathetic lazybones. The man at the piano was born as Benny Andersson the 16th of December 1946 in Stockholm, he is a Saggitarius. Jovial, reasonable and balanced, always friendly and jolly. He shows his inner self in ABBA very often. When one would see him grinning at the piano, it’s clear: he is a guy like you and me. Before he had his authentic beer belly he played in the most popular rock and roll band of the 60s in Sweden, The Hep Stars. The group let themselves in with a dubious manager and some company and went bankrupt. This would never have happened to Björn, who met Benny about that time. Benny takes everything lightly, he would never rack his brain over problems. He could even make you believe he would be just as happy as a bar pianist.
That he left Frida is something even his closest friends can’t understand. The two were known as a model couple, they made love and held hands wherever they were. Anyhow there won’t be any cold fronts as between Björn and Agnetha. Benny’s honesty- and humour- will take care of that.
His favourite joke, which is in fact true: which one of their hits sold best in the Soviet Union?
Answer: “Money, Money, Money”.

his friends know Benny has an incredible backhand (when he plays the piano)