Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Will I ever learn

Ohoho Mamma Mia...
I have never really cared for musicals. In fact I can't stand musicals. Sure Kristina and Chess have some great songs, but if it wasn't for B&B, I would never have heard them in the first place.
Mamma Mia only has good songs (d'oh) and I admit I really enjoyed the show. No kidding! And now there's this movie. I'll have to see it of course otherwise people may think I'm not an ABBA fan anymore.
So, from Mamma Mia -The Movie to Mamma Mia - The Movie premiere in London last Monday. She looked a million Euros - again. Mrs. Frida Reuss.

In another time (1981), in another place (Stockholm) she sang my favourite ABBA song "Should I laugh or cry".