Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ich kam davon wie Napoleon

Feeling sorry for Benny....

Ein Kessel Buntes, 1974, ABBA 'sing' Waterloo with electric razors for microphone, that have only 50 cm long leads by the way. In the DDR at that time electricity apparently went through the air like radio waves.
Pianos were non-existant. Poor Benny.

While Björn looks pretty cool in his pyjamas and just out-of-bed look holding his star shaped guitar, Agnetha and Frida mime and dance to tunes of Waterloo. Benny mimes too although his voice can not be heard during the verses...

If only Frida would look at him, the piano-less man. She probably doesn't recognize him without his keyboard, she's also far too busy with her razor.

four years later
This time singing, for real, in a microphone WITH a lead. Benny holds Frida's waist to make sure she doesn't forget him.
(note Björn and Olivia's entre nous!)