Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sit down and listen

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Another "shorts" picture. You know, the shorts Frida was wearing during the Australian concerts of the 1977 tour. Why only in Australia? According to Owe Sandström she liked to change and she liked to expose herself. Plausible. I'd say it was her answer to Agnetha's tight white slacks- and her bottom. The knee length pants were OK but not exciting. So, shorts in Australia. She had the legs. And a nice bum too. Anyway, every woman who can wear satin hotpants, killer heels and do a high kick without falling is my man.
A picture is only a nano second in time. So they were singing here and there was a pause, I guess. Could be the end of a song as well. Love how A&A look up. Agnetha eyes closed and half smiling, Frida with a big smile. Were they listening to the applause? What's it like to hear so many people clapping their hands and screaming their lungs out- for you?

Oh la la! Richard Norton lending Agnetha a helping hand. Somewhere in the neighborhood of her bum. Rumour has it Agnetha and Frida were crazy about the über hunk. He probably had something Benny and Björn hadn't!
It looks like poor Frida in te background has to get on board her self or gets some assistance by someone not half as interesting as Richard. Some girls get all the luck...

Typical questions: - do you make money faster then you can spend it? - what does the name ABBA stand for? - how to write a hit? - do you use drugs or alcohol? - what do Agneta and Frida think about love? - Frida why do you look so dismal during press conferences? - Agnetha is it true you have the sexiest bottom in Sweden/Europe/ northern/southern hemisphere?

Cute but not very flattering at the same time. It's like that big derrière is staring at you while in fact Frida has a modest bum! At least Benny still wanted to carry her, that's a good thing. I mean he certainly wouldn't do that in this day and age. In all likelihood she'd rather walk herself.