Saturday, May 16, 2009

I just made a hilarious discovery: a person who calls himself Gelbberg on eBay nicks pictures from my blog, even collages and such and sells them on internet.

Poster Live Japan '80 cool! Original post on this very blog.
Quality of this picture is very good, a bit pixelish but that's because the photo was taken at night.

Hahahahahahahah! What an asshole! It's not rare! That picture can be seen on several websites and whats more I deleted Agnetha from the original and gave Frida a tail! Sure it's an original. Not!

I don't mind people downloading photos from my blog and I don't mind if they use them somewhere else. After all I'm not the photographer, just a fan who collects (buys!) and posts them. I think it's wonderful when fans all around the world share there photos on the internet, that's why I don't want to put my name on those pictures.

So anyone who wants a real nice original sensational never before seen rare photo of ABBA: feel free to print one of the photos on this blog on glossy photo paper. It's FREE.