Sunday, May 10, 2009

I just wanna say, a lot of that applies to me


Scorpio -24 October -22 November

Scorpio is one of the water elements and has Pluto and Mars as it’s planets.
Among Scorpios we find people that have a downright good or a downright bad character. There’s no star sign that has so many saints or scoundrels as Scorpio. It’s as if the poison in Scorpio’s inner self has to be emptied, before she can develop herself. Scorpios are the most sexual and passionate of all signs. Everything she does feels intensive, even explosive! In case the poison already has been emptied one can almost compare a Scorpio to a saint. In this sign we find most religious, spiritual and occult engaged persons. Scorpio has a very enterprising nature who carries much weight. She has a forced but firm self-confidence. Her dynamic strength helps her to fulfil all kind of tasks. Has an urge to educate herself and broaden her knowledge. Someone born as a Scorpio can be the least you expected, but once you’ve met her hypnotizing x-ray eyes you know who you are dealing with. She has an almost supernatural instinct to expose people. A Scorpio can give such honest answers that can hit you time and time again. When a Scorpio stings, her sarcasm is often deadly. One who’s been bitten by that reptile like tongue will not easily forget it. On her job the Scorpio is usually good and aspiring. If there is a possibility to dominate and control, she is at the right place. She is very skilled. Scorpios strong points are her helpfulness and companionship towards her friends. She keeps her promises, is correct, punctual and decisive. Her weak points are jealousy. She can really make a scene. She wants to own her partner and have him for herself all the way. She can be vindictive and unpredictable.
Health: weak points are the sexual organs, uterus, ovaries. Has had surgery or doctors treatment on these organs. Has a tendency for headache, fever and suppuration. Otherwise healthy and strong physique.
In love she is the most passionate of all signs. She wants everything. No one can throw herself with so much passion head over heels in “sin and excesses” as a Scorpio. She marries the one she is impressed with. She is very affectionate to her lover.

In an interview Frida was given this horoscope. She was asked to read it and comment it. She also underlined the bits she thought were right. Note how she only underlines the positive stuff!