Monday, May 18, 2009

I let my feelings take over

Attack of the clones!
Don't they know her in Alvik?
Lately the American coach of basketball team Alvik, Jimy Apicella, visited a wellknown piano bar in Stockholm.
While the atmosphere was getting better and better, Jimy suddenly took the microphone and started his favourite song My funny valentine.
"That's was perfect!" exclaimed Anni-Frid Lyngstad who was among the guests around the piano. "Are you professional?"
When Frida after a while sang the same song the coach took his chance to give a compliment to her.
"What a voice!" said mr. Apicella who apperently didn't recogniced the ABBA girl in her new flaming red badger hairdo. "You should really become a professional"
"Yes, but tonight I'm an amateur!"

Agnetha's gost hovering over Björn

Too bad, the girls don't speak Japanese.