Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Everyday the hold is getting tighter


Agnetha and Frida as background singers....

who ever thought of that, wooooo ha ha ha ha HA!

Things you can do with an old curtain

Interesting fact nr. 205 - or something
Special guest at the ABBA Fanclub day this year was Inmarie Halling. Ingmarie went on tour with ABBA a couple of times as make-up artist and stylist. She told us (0f course!) some very amusing anecdotes. For instance about the spandex costumes A&A wore in 1979. They were really really tight. Apparently the costumes weren't closed with a regular zipper but with hooks and eyes. It took ages.
At one of the gigs people made an improvised dressing room near the stage made of large white pieces of cloth. Very convenient for the girls so they didn't have to walk very far to change in between songs. So Frida had to change from the white to the blue leotard, hurry hurry. She stood there half naked, tugging, pulling and wriggling to get in when they suddenly realized there was a lamp shining from behind. The audience on that side of the stage could watch an interesting shadowplay.
Frida from a different angle!