Friday, July 10, 2009

We talked and talked in quiet voices

Frida(y) interview

Anni-Frid speaks up – for once.

Yesterday Anni-Frid Lyngstad told about herself and ABBA and played her favourite records in a one hour radio show on P3. She didn’t want to talk about her private live that much anymore to the press.

This time she made an exception for Kjell Dabrowsi in his radio show and had the opportunity to say she wasn’t ashamed to admit she was a conservative, missed Benny, and still loved to be on stage.

-Frida about politics.

I can’t see anything wrong in being a conservative, I can’t see anything wrong in admitting that. All those left wing people like to say out loud that they are better than the conservatives. A lot of them look at the conservatives as a party only interested in money, but I like Gösta Bohman. He is clear and to the point in everything he says.

- Frida about standing on stage

It’s where I vent my exhibiotionism.

Frida reading some Erotisk Literatur.

-Frida about touring.

It’s new airports, which all look the same, it’s limousines, it’s champagne, it’s everything together. It’s routine and therefore boring.

-Frida about gossip papers

The papers, especially those gossip papers, which I absolutely dislike, misrepresent the situation completely when it comes to ABBA and to artists. Those gossip papers have no moral at all.

- Frida about erotic art.

A pleasing relationship between a man and a woman, when described in a beautiful and erotic way can have a positive stimulus. Also in movies that are beautifully filmed, when there is an affair, it’s of course also a stimulus.

-Frida about divorce

When one has lived together with a person for thirteen years then there’s of course a want for that person. There are so many routines and habits that are really difficult to break away from.

-Frida about living alone

It has it’s pros and it’s cons. It may sound egoistic but it’s fantastic to do your own thing. For example do what ever you like, have dinner whenever you like, go to bed whenever you like.