Friday, September 18, 2009

Varför ska det vara så seriöst för, alltid?

today's theme:
Secret life of the Frida

The Frida's natural habitat is the north of Europe. Frida's usually have a thick fur.
As also can be seen on this (bad quality) picture

During summer, the fur is gone and the Frida comes out of her hole. Fridas enjoy the sun, it gives her a healthy looking suntan.

The Frida will look out for another Frida to mate with. They have little Fridas and live in a town called Eskilstuna.

Fridas are fond of music, it is often said they cannot live without it. Some Fridas will even follow the music wherever it goes, like the The Pied Piper. The male Frida will look after the young.

Fridas love beautiful things, glitter and glamour. They will dress up when they do that thing with music.