Friday, October 02, 2009

I need to show you I've got my feelings too

The mating season
We here at the ABBA Scrapbook did some more research on the wonderful world of the Frida.

A fertile Frida female. Note that, although the Frida originates from the Northeren countries there are no pictures available of an actual mating Frida. That seems inconsitant with the fact that there are many moving pictures available from other mating humans from that aerea. The Frida is, other than those humans, very fond of her privacy.

Prehistoric Frida trying to get the attention of big healthy loooking male. She usually would jump the desired male if she thought it would take to long. We're talking the stone age Frida here.

Fridas will go to great lenghts (of scarf) to keep their male companion by their sides.

Fridas are not very physical they say. They will make an exception when it comes to the male they are bonded with. Fridas seem to prefer the hairy males.

Mating has no age limit for the Frida.