Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I can’t help my ways

ABBA pschychogramm
You're probably thinking 'what the .... is a psychogramm'. Well apparently it was written, in 1981, by someone who knew ABBA very well and he got on to the four enigmatic Swedes.
Today Agnetha....
When she falls in love, ABBA will come to an end.

Agnetha is the most serious and withdrawn member of ABBA. Or to make this clear: she is the outsider, the one who's pig-headed.
She was born as Agnetha Fältskog on April 5th 1950, she is an Aries. Appropriate qualities: she is moody, headstrong, honest and reliable. Agnetha hasn't had that much luck with men in her life. Her first engagement with Berlin producer Dieter Zimmermann bursted. Her marriage with Björn Ulvaeus only lasted 8 years, until 1979. Since then she's been in some relations but nothing really steady. Agnetha is easily hurt and very sensitive. When there's an argument during a press conference she gets up and walks away. She often has headaches, migraine. Before a big show she will take tranquilizers. Agnetha is a homy person and she doesn't like to travel. She is always the one who is against touring and is also the reason why the group is so seldomly seen outside Stockholm.
She quit smoking after a tonsil operation in 1975 but will still smoke in stressful situations. Agnetha doesn't like interviews. The centre of her life are her children Linda (7) and Christian (3). She would have been a kindergarten teacher if she wasn't a singer.
With her ever changing moods she even wastes good friendships.
She hates the fact that she is called the "sexiest behind" in showbiz.
When she goes outside she wears big sunglasses and inconspicuous clothes. Agnetha likes warmth and a cosy home. When she will find a new partner it could be the end of ABBA.

hey, don't look at me. I'm honest and reliable!