Thursday, April 24, 2008

That’s me, you see

It's Björn's turn.
Please take this with a grain of salt

Björn: Intelligent, perfect and ice cold.
Björn is the personification of 'mr. ABBA' : clever, original and concious of succes. He was born as Björn Kristian Ulvaeus on April 25th 1945 in Gothenburg, he's a Taurus. He want's to dominate and be liked. One can espcially notice this on the stage: with his wide smile and his spectecular movements he loves to be in the foreground. He's also the one who talks the most during concerts and he likes to crack jokes. Even his ex-wife Agnetha isn't safe for his jokes. Björn likes to laugh and he does it often. When you talk to him you can often feel uncertain, is he pulling your leg or not? He has a poker face- and charm. But when all of a sudden he is the object of mockery he doesn't think it's so funny anymore. When he was called a wild comic figure in an English newspaper he wanted to sew the one who wrote that.
Björn likes to sleep late but he's also the one who works hardest. He's the one who gives directions in the studio, he gives the ABBA earworms the latest touch an he likes to take care of finances. Together with ABBA manager Stig Andersson he had the revolutionary idea to invest in oil, steel and art.
Björn isn't only ice cold when it comes to business: Agnetha will never forgive him the fact that he got a new girlfriend so soon after their divorce.
Is this all too negative for you? Well: Björn is the most intelligent member, the perfectionist in ABBA.