Friday, April 25, 2008

Would I be the one you seek

And what does this German magazine have to say about "Annafrid" (better known to us as Frida or Anni-Frid)?
Annafrid: she makes fun of ABBA's innocent image.

Annafrid has everything the blonde doesn't have: she's lively, passionate, sexy. She was born as Annafrid Lyngstad in Narvik, Norway on the 15th of November 1945, a Scorpio.
Annafrid, you can see it in her green cat-like eyes is a full blooded woman: full of temperament, tricks and astuteness she impresses everyone she meets. She loves to laugh and she does it out loud. When she talks she smokes one cigarette after the other. Her eyes never keep still. Every man that comes near her is estimated accurately, there's nothing against some eye flirting.
Whit the age of 16 she got married for the first time, she got her son Hans when she was 17. In 1964 daughter Lise-Lott was born. But her first marriage with Ragnar Fredriksson lasted only for 6 years. She married Benny Andersson in 1978 after living together for 8 years. That it was Benny who caused the divorce with his adultery isn't that much of a surprise. Annafrid would never allow her self to be unfaithful, so she must have been awfully hurt by it all.
Expensive clothes and furs are her passion. It’s also Annafrid who comes up with most ideas for the often kind of erotic stage costumes.
When Annafrid suggested short leather dresses with buckles, the other three said no. She is the first one to laugh at ABBA's "good" image.
She's unbalanced and unpredictable and so the most interesting and most inscrutable person in ABBA. She still suffers when Agnetha again is the one in the spotlight, but that has to do with her star sign: a Scorpio always wants to be in the centre of the attention!

Boots: 600 euro, sweater: 950 euro, fur: priceless, everything else: mastercard